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Vision Statement
We envision a church where the Bible is our authority for both truth and behavior. We will be a church that is on fire, full of the Holy Ghost, immersed in the Word, praying, seeking, fasting and always growing in the Lord. We will strive for perfection, diligently preach Salvation, Water Baptism, Baptism in the Holy Spirit and laying on of hands to see the sick made whole. Our church prayerfully awaits the blessed hope, the rapture of the church. We will praise God with the Angels with each person that comes to the Lord. We will rejoice as the sick are healed.

Prayer & Fasting
Our church will be known as a house of prayer. Prayer and fasting will always be of highest priority. We will offer more structured prayer times to meet the many different schedules of our church people. We will passionately pray for our people. We will pray for all the gifts God has to offer, to want more of God, to be on our knees until the needs are met. We will pray in the Spirit and with understanding. We will be a church committed to prayer and fasting. It is through fasting and prayer that we will see the strongholds come down.

Our church will celebrate Jesus as our music ministry grows and excels. We will uplift the name of Jesus as we are drawn closer to Him. We will seek and wait on the Lord as we praise and worship Him. We will be a church that will be led by the Holy Spirit in our worship.

Harvest Chapel will live up to it's name by reaching out not only in El Paso but also in surrounding communities. We will see people come to the Lord and bring them into the family of God as the anointing Presence of The Holy Spirit is felt and our people reach out to them in love. We will strive to reach the lost and show them we care for them and Jesus loves them. Jesus is the only one that can fill the emptiness in their lives.

We will encourage each church member to disciple another. This will be done through small groups, fellowship, doctrinal teaching and special training events. We will shower them with love as each church member makes them an integral part of our church family by opening themselves up to the new believers. We will see people come to the Lord as each person in our church makes a commitment to reach the lost. We will teach those who we have introduced to Jesus to disciple others as they grow. No one will be or feel alone.

We will reach out he youth in our community by having a vital youth ministry that the youth can be a part of. We will model Christ like behavior to our youth so that they may see Jesus in us. We will be a caring shoulder and a listening ear for our youth. We will pray for our youth daily. We will provide transportation and leadership to the unchurched youth of our community. We will become a church that will meet the needs of our youth as they make the transition to adulthood.

Harvest Chapel will reach out to the world as we are faithful to give to foreign missionaries. We will pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth workers, even from our own congregation.

Meeting Community Needs
Our church body will strive to have an active role in the community. We will have a source of help when and where needed.

New Areas
We will begin a worship band complete with worship leader as the Lord proves. We will begin small cell groups meeting in homes throughout the week. We will have a bus ministry to the unchurch youth of our community. We will have a youth minister. We will begin a vital ongoing visitation ministry. We will be open to new areas of Biblical Ministry as the Lord leads members of our congregation.

Our facilities will reflect our love and reverence for God. We will encourage good stewardship of the building. We will continually work to improve the building of worship God has so graciously supplied us with.